About Stonepoint Capital

We believe that finance is interwoven throughout life. It was that belief that led to the creation of Stonepoint Capital.

Stonepoint is a boutique firm. This affords us luxuries that multi-billion firms can’t deliver. We’re nimble. We’re objective. None of the old Wall Street commissions, products, and conflicts are baked into our processes. It allows us to adapt to our clients specific needs while using the latest technology to serve our clients no matter where they are.

Stonepoint’s goal is not to become the next Big Bank. The truth is that doesn’t matter to us. The goal is to align with our clients; to discover how each individual desires to have their finances managed and satisfy those needs in a thoughtful, sensible and research-driven manner. It’s a fresh perspective on not only investments but the management of one’s entire financial life.

How We Are Different

Behavioral Finance

Behavioral biases which lead to poor investment decisions are the single largest contributor to underperformance. Understanding each client’s specific biases, along with the human nature of the markets themselves, allows us to complete the puzzle and better serve our clients.

Alternative Investments

We provide unique access to non-traditional investment opportunities. We believe that there’s value to be found outside of the traditional stock and bond portfolios and we have established and fostered relationships that can explore and provide that value.

Tax Strategies

We believe that detailed tax planning for complex financial lives can help save our clients’ money. It’s not just about creating returns; it’s about keeping them. With our distinct understanding of the US Tax Code as citizen incentives, we strategically incorporate tax strategies into the comprehensive financial plan.

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Our Services

Asset Management

Stonepoint Capital provides the global asset management that investors need. Our process begins with heavy emphasis on due diligence as we check and double check each investment decision. Through our robust research, we’re able to find not only the exceptional investment opportunities, but also identify those to avoid. From there, we construct a portfolio that is specifically tied to the goals and lifestyle of the client. Cookie-cutter, square-peg-round-hole portfolios don’t exist here. Each portfolio’s composition is driven by the needs of the investor. Beyond that, Stonepoint has unique access to real estate and other private and alternative investments that aren’t found in the open market. We want to get our clients closer to their investments. Larger firms with enormous client lists simply can’t provide the level of individualized service and unique opportunities we provide.

Wealth Counsel

At Stonepoint, we intend for our service to extend beyond asset management. Financial well-being is so much more than just making sound investments. That’s certainly a good start, but there are other questions that need answering. We want to be able to render clarity to the complexities of life. The relationships we’ve cultivated over our careers allow us to provide advice and service on a number of areas outside of asset management. We can facilitate philanthropic pursuits, including advice on charitable giving. Our process includes reviewing all the risks associated with a financial decision and understand when it may be necessary to collaborate with a specialist from outside the company. We have access to private banking and various lenders to facilitate the necessary liquidity required for some opportunities. And finally, we can provide vital assistance matters of estate planning and trust administration.

Tax Strategy

We found that CPAs and tax attorneys are often not engaged with the complexities of entire investment and wealth counseling process. We coordinate with our client’s advisory team to strategically evaluate scenarios for our clients to reduce their tax burden. Whether it’s reorganizing a business entity, tax-optimizing a portfolio, or enhancing real estate ownership, we align our client’s financial life to be more tax efficient.

Our Team

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Scott Greenwood, CFP®
Principal and Co-Founder

Scott Greenwood is Principal and co-founder of Stonepoint Capital. His background in accounting and software has enabled him to bring a unique skill set to focus on the processes and framework for the firm’s research, due diligence, and financial planning. He and T. J. work closely together with clients to structure and implement a wealth management plan specific to each client’s needs. Outside of his time at Stonepoint, you can usually find Scott spending time with his wife and four boys in and around their 12South neighborhood.

T. J. Wolters
Principal and Co-Founder

T. J. Wolters is Principal and co-founder of Stonepoint Capital. His unique background in counseling brings a much-needed perspective, helping our clients navigate the complexities of financial situations. He and Scott work closely together with clients to structure and implement a wealth management plan helping clients reach their goals. Outside of his role at Stonepoint, he enjoys being with his wife and four children at the sports fields (often coaching), camping, and enjoying good wine.

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